How do I install/download Microsoft Software Applications? (Office 365)

Office 365 Software Applications

  1. Checking the Version of your Computer (Windows PC Only)
    1. Please check the version of the computer before doing this step. 
    2. On the Task Bar at the bottom, you will see a magnifying glass.
    3. Search About Your PC
    4. Scroll down to Windows specifications
    5. Look at the Version of the computer - if the version is BELOW 1809, DO NOT uninstall Office AND DO NOT install Office 365. If it's 1809 higher, please try to update the computer to the latest version possible. If you need further directions for how to update your computer, please follow this link:

Uninstall Process (if you have older versions of Microsoft 2016, 2019, etc.)


  1. Save and close any documents/emails/etc. from all Microsoft Programs 
  2. Type “Add or remove Programs” in the search bar on the taskbar
  3. Find “Related Settings” and Click “Programs and Features” 
  4. Find Microsoft _____ Apps
  5. Right Click to Uninstall


  1. Shortcut Keys: Command-Shift-O or open the “Finder”
  2. Click “Applications”
  3. Find all the Microsoft Applications and Right Click or Double Click to “Move to Trash” and Empty the Trash to Uninstall the Applications

Install Process for Both Windows and Mac

  1. Go to
  2. Sign into your Taylor Credentials with 
  3. Find “Install Office” and Click “Office 365” apps  
  4. On the screen, it will show this prompt while the bottom will have…
    1. Windows: OfficeSetup.exe
    2. macOS: Microsoft_Office_16.57.220111101_BusinessPro_Installer.pkg
  5. Windows and Mac will prompt user login credentials for changes to be made to the computer!
  6. If you don’t see the “Install Office,” please try and install by using private window/incognito mode or using another browser. Please go back to step one and try again.

After the software is installed, please update your application to make sure they are good to run:

If that doesn’t work, please call 755.998.4040 (x84040) to talk you through these steps or come to the Help Desk in Zondervan.