How do I update my Microsoft applications? (MacOS)

  1. Open Word
  2. Click Help on the top left
  3. Click Check for updates
  4. A prompt/application will open and you might need to click Check for Updates
  5. If you click the drop-down button by "Check for updates," click the arrow to see the version of your applications. See if you are up to date with a circle and check - if you are not to the versions below, please create a ticket to troubleshoot further depending on the OS version on the computer.
    1. Microsoft AutoUpdate 4.50
    2. Microsoft _______ 16.64
    3. Microsoft Teams 522362
    4. OneDrive 22176.0821

To view your tickets: Go to > Click TU Community Login > Sign in with your Taylor Credentials > Click your initials at the top right > Click My Tickets. If you click the " + new ticket " button at the top right, you can create your requests with the Help Desk. If you need any help with this, we are happy to advise. This way, we can see and process your requests more quickly!

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