Having trouble releasing your midterm or final grades to Banner?

This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to release midterm or final grades to Banner. It offers a comprehensive solution for those who are receiving error messages or seeing no grades to release.

Alert! If you are receiving an error or not seeing your Current Final Grades listed when you click on Export Grades to SIS, you may need to make some changes under the Setup Wizard.

1. Go into the Grades area of the course. Access Setup Wizard.

2. Click on Settings, in the top right side of the page.

3. Click on Calculation Options

4. Make sure the grade column you want to use is selected.

5. Calculated Final Grade selection.

6. Adjusted Final Grade selection.

7. You will need to check Automatically release final grade if you wish your students to see a running total of their grades.

8. Here is what Brightspace tells us.

9. It is recommended you also check Auto Update.

10. Here is what Brightspace tells us about Auto Update.

11. Make sure to click Save.

12. Click Yes to confirm your changes.

13. You may now click close.

Tip! You can now submit your grades by following the directions given in this helpdesk article https://helpdesk.taylor.edu/help/article/320230


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