Manage notifications for a Teams channels

While the Teams app by default will notify you (with popups and sound) of Chat messages or Calls, it will not do the same for messages posted to a Team Channel. This can be customized in a couple of ways

Option 1: Customize notifications for all Teams

To be notified about all your shown channels, select All activity

To be notified only when you are @mentioned or when you receive replies to your messages in channels, select Mentions & replies

For the most control over your channel notifications, select Custom

Customize Teams channel notifications

Option 2: Customize notifications per Channel

Customize your channel notifications in Teams

Below are the different types of settings you'll find in channel notifications:

All new posts will notify you each time someone starts a new conversation in the channel

Include all replies will notify you any time someone replies to a conversation

Channel mentions will notify you whenever someone @mentions the channel