How to add your Taylor University email account to an Android device

Normal Mail Application:

  1. Go to the Default Mail Account
  2. Click Top Left Profile - E.g., Click the Left Tab and Click Your Name
  3. Remove the Account
  4. Add the new account
  5. Click Office 365
  6. Type in
  7. Type in your password
  8. Click Done for a Confirmation Prompt
  9. Accept the Authentication prompt
  10. Click Save for the default settings
  11. Say Yes to Activate Admin

Outlook Application:

  1. Go to Outlook
  2. Click Outlook on the top left screen 
  3. Click Accounts 
  4. Click Internet Accounts
  5. Delete the old mailbox of Taylor with the - (minus sign), e.g., Exchange email connected to 
  6. Add a new account with the + (addition sign)
  7. Use your Taylor email, e.g.,
  8. Type your Taylor password and approve the prompt 
  9. Click Done