How to Update FortiClient on Windows

The following article is to be used on Taylor-owned computers only.  

*If you need to install FortiClient VPN on a personally owned computer or deivce, please click here:

To install FortiClient manually on your Taylor-owned computer please download the linked file:

Depending on which browser you use, the linked file may show up with some of or all of the following warnings.  IT has vetted the file and the installation process.  This file is safe to download and run.

Click on the warning to get the three dots to appear that allow you an option to Keep

After clicking Keep , you may see a security warning similar to this.

To do so, click the Show more link at the bottom of the popup.  You will then see the following:

Select the Keep anyway option from the list.  Now you will see:

Select the Open file option.  The following could now show up on your screen:

Select the More Info link in the box.  This will uncover additional options, seen below:

Please click the Run anyway box. 
You will now get the following message from User Account Control in Windows:

Select Yes.   The Installer will begin:

Select the box that states Yes and then click the Next button.

Click the Upgrade button.

This message will come up twice.   It is letting you know that a reboot will occur at the end of this installation.

Select Ok again.

Before clicking Finish, make sure you have backed up any and all work you have been working on, as the computer will reboot shortly.  No warning will be given beforehand.  Once the reboot has occurred, you may log back in and you should now be secured with the newest version of FortiClient.

If you would like verification, you should also see this Icon in the bottom left, System Tray of your Taylor Owned computer.  The blue color signifies the newer version of the application.