How to Install FortiClient VPN on a Personal Device or Computer

If you need to install FortiClient VPN Client on a personally-owned computer or device, please use the appropriate link below to download the correct installer:

Installation instructions for Computers :

  • Ensure that the FortClient version installed is 6.4.9 or 7.x.x
  • Once installed, open FortiClient, accept the agreement, and click "Configure VPN"
  • Make sure SSL-VPN is selected
  • For Connection Name, enter Taylor
  • For Remote Gateway, enter
  • Check the box labeled “Enable Single Sign On (SSO) for VPN Tunnnel”
  • Click Save

Installation instructions for Mobile Devices:

  • Once the app is installed, open the FortiClient VPN app
  • Select "+ New VPN"
  • For VPN Name, enter Taylor
  • For VPN Type, chose SSL VPN
  • Tap Create
  • Select Server, and enter, then tap OK
  • Change “Single Sign On” to Enabled
  • Tap the back button
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