How to install Microsoft Teams (macOS)

Getting started with Microsoft Teams is simple on University managed Macs:

  1. Open Launchpad and click on Taylor University Self Service to launch the application. *** Missing this application?

Select Install under Microsoft Teams.

When Microsoft Teams shows "Done" or disappears from the list, open Launchpad and click on Microsoft Teams to launch the application.

4.Teams may start up with a form of your username already entered. If so, you can just click the Sign in link to continue. Otherwise, enter your Taylor email address and click Sign in.

  1. After clicking Sign in , you will be taken to the Taylor University Single Sign-On page. Please enter your password

That’s it! You’re ready to start using Microsoft Teams. Here are some guides to help you get started. 

Quick Start Guide (PDF) 

Teams Video Training

*** Please contact Helpdesk to arrange setup of your Mac with University provided tools.