Students can now view their assignment grade, overall feedback, inline feedback, and graded rubric from within grades

Made by Deb Hatland with Scribe

This guide provides step-by-step instructions for students on how they can access information about their assignments, including grades, feedback, and rubrics. By following the provided links, students can easily navigate the system and view all the necessary information in one place.

1. Once you have accessed your course, click on Progress.

2. Click on Grades.

3. You will see different columns at the top of the page, depending on how your instructor graded your work.

4. If there is Overall Feedback, Inline Feedback, and Graded Rubric, they will appear under the Comments and Assessments column.

5. When you click on View Inline Feedback a tab will open with your submission. It will show any comments your instructor made on the document.

6. When you click on View Graded Rubric a tab will open showing a graded rubric.

7. Scroll to the bottom of the page to close this tab.


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