Using Respondus LockDown Browser in Brightspace

  1. Create a quiz in Brightspace. 
    1. Go to the area where you want the quiz. 
    2. Click on Create New. 
    3. Click on Quiz. 
    4. Create your quiz. 
  2. Go to Activities & Assessments and choose Quizzes. 
  3. Click on the LockDown Browser tab near the top of the page 
  4. You will see your quizzes listed, and whether you have activated LockDown Browser. 
  5. Click on the chevron to the right of the quiz name. “Require Respondus LockDown Browser for this exam”. 
    1. Click on Settings 
    2. Click on require Respondus LockDown Browser for this exam 
    3. Set a password if desired 
    4. Check out Advanced settings and check what you need 
    5. Click Save and Close 

You are encouraged to view the video tutorials found under the LockDown Browser area. LDB works a little differently in Brightspace. If your students have not downloaded the browser, they will find the link to do so right in the quiz access.

For this reason, we recommend setting up a practice quiz for your students so they can do this ahead of a graded quiz. If you would like to preview the test in LDB follow these steps:

      1. Navigate to the quiz, select “preview” in the pull-down list

      2. On the next page, uncheck the box labeled “bypass restrictions.”

              The page will then refresh and you should see the “Launch Lockdown Bowser” button at the bottom:

      3. Click on the Launch LockDown Browser buton, and the LockDown Browser session will start and produce a “Start Quiz” button. After you have            submited the exam and closed the LockDown Browser session, you can use the “Exit Preview” buton to terminate the preview.