Brightspace - Change Notification Settings

Change notification settings

Notifications enable you to customize what methods you want to use to receive notifications, such as SMS or Email, as well as what events will trigger notifications.

To change Notifications settings

1. Login to Brightspace (

2. Click your username and then select Notifications.

Figure: Select Notifications to proceed.

3. You can optionally connect with your instructors and classmates and stay informed about course-related updates by downloading the Pulse App on the App Store or Google Play.

4. You can change the following Notifications settings:

Contact Methods

To add your mobile number

  • Click Register your mobile number.
  • Select the Country and the Mobile Carrier. Enter your Mobile Number and then click Save.
  • Type in the Confirmation Code sent to your mobile number and then click Confirm.

Instant Notifications

To set individual notifications for course-related components, select the preferred notification type beside each component. Ensure that you have confirmed your registered mobile number to receive notifications via SMS.

Note: To receive content-related individual notifications, use the Brightspace Pulse App or select the Email option notification type.

Figure: You can select how you want to be notified (via SMS or Email) for various course-related components by selecting the corresponding box or boxes in Instant Notifications.