Brightspace - Pulse app

The Brightspace app provides an easy mobile view of your course’s calendars, readings, assignments, evaluations, grades, and announcements. Watch the video below to get an overview of Brightspace Pulse.  

Logging in and out of Brightspace Pulse

When initially logging into Brightspace Pulse, you will be directed to search for your organization. Type in “taylor.brightspace” and it will be the first name on the list. “Taylor” may not light up but you will still be able to press on the name and log in from there.  

For more step by step instructions to logging in, click this link.  

General navigation within Brightspace Pulse

The list below outlines visual tours for general navigation within the app. 

  • Click this link to learn how to navigate within the app.  
  • To learn how to view upcoming work, click this link
  • Click this link to learn how to view courses and course content. 
  • To learn how to view your grades for a course, click this link.  
  • Click this link to view and configure push notifications.  

If you are having issues with logging in, your calendar, notifications, courses, content, or offline content, click this link to learn how to troubleshoot in those areas.