Remote Help (MacOS) - Bomgar Instructions

Steps for All Users:

  1. Go to
  2. Click the link labeled "___depends which agent is requested/helping the client__".  
  3. Run/Open the client software that will be downloaded.
  4. You may need to approve a security prompt by clicking Run
  5. The session should appear shortly in your Personal queue on the Sessions tab.
  6. Double-Click the session in your queue to join it.

Sharing Screen

  • Choose what to share:
  • Click “Entire Screen” 
  • Click “Share” at the bottom right corner
  • Entire Screen 
  • Window 
  • Chrome Tab

Ex. Click the “Entire Screen Tab” > Click “Share” on the bottom left

Full Customer Client Prompt from IT Staff

  • Click “Accept”
  • At the bottom there should say “bomgar-scc-w0yc…. exe” 
    • Click it to open
  • Ex.

For Mac Users:

  • It goes straight to the full customer client or the technician will prompt to have full access
    • Click the “Accept” Button
  • Opening for full access:
    • Safari
      • It will take you to another tab if it says safari cannot open — refresh the tab
      • It will say “Do you want to allow downloads in”? You can change which websites can download in files in Websites Preferences 
        • Click “Allow”
    • Chrome
      • There will be a download that you can open at the bottom
  • By the Trashcan there are usually downloads 
    • You will see an orange shield with an arrow and two computer screens overlapping
  • Click the orange shield and click it again to “Open to Start Support Session”
  • It will say “Open to Start Support Session” is an app downloaded from the Internet. Are you sure you want to open it? 

    • Click “Open” 
    • Ex.
    • You might also need to put in your computer credentials:
  • So, it will say it failed or it will have you go to your settings with this prompt: (Note: You will need to ensure that all of them have a green check as you grant access)

  • After the prompt, it and will bring you to Security and Privacy 

    • You will click the check box by “Remote Support Customer Client” 
    • Once you click it will say it needs to quit to restart
    • Click “Yes”/ “Quit” – which means that it will relaunch 
    • Accessibility features Prompt
      • There will be a pop up… “Click Open System Preferences”
      • It will be in “Security and Privacy” > “Accessibility”
      • (Turn both on)
    • Click the lock on the bottom left to make changes — click it to be open or just use the + sign on the bottom and put in credentials as needed. 
    • Click the check boxes for “Remote Support Customer Client”
    • You will need to have the blue check by “Representative…”
  • You will need to do the same thing for “Screen Recording” and “Full Disk Access”