FAQs for Teams Phone

For a basic introduction to Teams phone, watch this quick video:

How is the new system different than the old one?

  1. Calls aren't limited to physical phones on a desk. 
  2. Many users who don't frequently take calls will switch to a software phone. 
  3. No need to memorize extensions around campus - place calls by name. 
  4. Answering calls on behalf of other users is handled differently. 
  5. Voicemails are transcribed and appear in email and the Teams app (see more below).

When will training be offered?

  1. Week of June 5th
  2. Week of July 31-August 4th
  3. Week of August 7-11
  4. TBD late August, early September

Where can I take phone calls?

You can make or receive phone calls on any device that has a Teams app - Macs, PCs, Linux, Android, iOS, or even from a web browser

How will I take calls privately?

All employees will be provided with an option to take calls on something other than speaker phone/computer audio. This will include a variety of wired and wireless headsets or, for some users, the option of a physical desk phone.

Will I still have to enter an account code for long distance calls?

No, this requirement will be going away as part of this transition.

I have many extensions memorized, can I keep dialing by extension?

Yes! While Teams Phone is more focused on contacts/people rather than extensions, you can continue to dial extensions either in 5 digit or 4 digit format - i.e. x84040 or x4040 to reach the Helpdesk.

How will voicemail work?

Voicemails will show up in the Teams app and also generate an email message that will show up in your inbox. Listening to the message and deleting it from either location will remove it from being listed in both. See an overview of voicemail options here

What about fax machines?

This initial phase of the new system will leave current fax machines as is.

My upcoming events show on the desk phone - can I lock the device?

Yes, you can set a pin code to use and/or access the functions of your phone if you have a desk phone used with Teams along with a time out for when your phone will lock.

Will I be getting Taylor calls on my cell phone when I'm out of the office?

Calls in Teams can respect both Out of Office settings and Quiet Hours, both of which you can configure to meet your schedule and preferences.

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