PointSolutions (Formerly TurningPoint) Registration:

Follow these instructions to register with PointSolutions OR to verify your subscription status:

  • Log into your Bb course and click on the Tools link on the left
  • Scroll down and click (see picture below):
  • New users:
    • Click Get Started Here at the bottom of the page right next to “Don’t have an account?” – Note: you may need to click Sign In in the top right corner if you don’t see the Sign In page at all
    • Enter your Taylor email - firstname_lastname@taylor.edu - (DO NOT USE Gmail or any other email) and click Create Account
    • Check your Taylor email – click the verification link
    • Enter the required fields – you will be asked to create a PointSolutions password – this is not connected to your Taylor credentials and is a different password – then click Finish
  • Existing users:
    • Sign in using your Taylor email and PointSolutions credentials
    • IF you can’t remember your PointSolutions password, enter a wrong password – when it fails, it will give you a link to reset your password
  • Everyone:
    • Click Get Started
    • IF instead of Get Started, you see a box asking you to Join Session, then select Profile from the menu (person icon in the top right)
    • Verify you have a green checkmark in both the Subscriptions and Learning Management Systems sections
    • IF there is no checkmark or there is a subscription date that has expired, you will need to click the Subscription box to add a subscription
  • Problems?
    • Contact the Helpdesk in Zondervan Library – they can help!


Since there is no green checkmark in the Subscriptions Box, click to add a subscription (see picture below)

You do NOT need to purchase a physical clicker (see picture below)

A green checkmark here means that you are correctly linked to Bb… (see picture below)

A Subscriptions pop up window will appear (see picture below):

  • If you need to purchase a subscription, you have two choices (see picture above):
    • Scratch off the code from the PointSolutions (TurningPoint card purchased from the Campus store and enter here (most do this) - (see picture above)
    • OR Click the Go Purchase a Subscription button instead (see picture above) 
    • Use a Credit Card or Debit Card to purchase a subscription… make sure you purchase only a subscription, not a clicker or bundle (see below)

Troubleshooting Tips:

  1. If you are having problems with the PointSolutions app, please LOG OUT of PointSolutions on ALL devices and follow these instructions to set up your account again.
  2. When entering your Taylor email, be sure to use - firstname_lastname@taylor.edu