11x17 Printing - Zondervan Library

11 x 17 Printing - IT Helpdesk (Zondervan Library)

  1. Log into a Taylor-owned HP computer (in the Zondervan Library) with your Taylor Credentials 
  2. Open your document in the software application, e.g., Word or Adobe
    1.  For Word: Go to File Tab on the top left corner 
    2. For Adobe: Click Print
  3. Click Print on the left side
  4. Click on Printer Properties 
  5. On the My Tab, go to the Original Size drop-down to click on  11 x 17W
  6. Note: If you need the orientation to change, look above the Original Size drop-down and click on Landscape while the default is Portrait Orientation.
  7. If you need the bypass tray for your personal computer, please follow this article for further directions: https://helpdesk.taylor.edu/help/article/304419
  8. Click Ok when you are done with the prompt. 
  9. Click Print after the prompt disappears.