How do I update my ID photo?

Faculty, staff and student ID photos will be populated across our internal communication platforms. We’re excited for you to not only see to whom you are writing but also to be able to recognize them at Chick Fil-A so you can introduce yourself in person.  These platforms include:

  • Your roster photo
  • Your Taylor Email
  • Your Taylor Computer
  • Your User Account in Office and Teams
  • Your ID

New photo guidelines: Want your photo to be quickly approved? Then please send us a color photo that…

  • has a solid, light-colored backdrop.
  • has you looking straight at the camera with a nice smile.
  • shows your full face and shoulders with blank space above your head.
  • does not have a hat, sunglasses, or jewelry that obscures your face.
  • does not have red-eye or flash reflection on glasses.
  • does not include people, pets, or items.

Your photo will be declined if…

  • you submit a photo that is not you.
  • you were making a silly face.
  • you were wearing a hat, sunglasses, or jewelry that obscured your face.
  • you have red-eye or flash reflection on glasses.
  • you include other people, pets, or items.

Student photo submission form

Faculty and Staff ID photo submission form

Once we approve your photo it will be added into the system. It may take up to two weeks for your photo to sync between all platforms.