How do I scan a document from a Konica MFP?

You can scan a document using a Konica multifunction printer and have the file sent directly to your email or OneDrive storage. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Walk up to a Konica MFP available to you.

  2. Swipe your Taylor University ID Card (or Log In with your PaperCut ID).
    * If you do not remember your PaperCut ID, you can log into while on the campus network and you will see a section called CARD/ID. Click the [show] button, and it will reveal the ID# you need to release your print job or to access the copier or scanner on the device

    1. Select Scan from the menu.

  1. Select My Personal Account.

  1. Choose whether to send the finished scan to your email, upload it directly to your OneDrive file storage, or upload it to your My Documents folder (Scan to Network Folder).

  2. Enter the subject and the filename, then press Start on the screen.

  3. The MFP will scan the first page. If you have additional pages to scan in the same document, press the physical start button on the MFP for each additional page. When you have finished, press Finish on the screen.

  4. Press the start button on the MFP to upload your document.

  1. If you selected Scan to My Email, the document will be sent to your Taylor email address.

If you selected to Scan to Network Folder, the document will be placed in a Scanned Documents folder inside your My Documents folder.

If you selected Scan to OneDrive, the document will be uploaded to the /Apps/Scans for Papercut MF/ inside your University OneDrive account.

\ **Note* that the first time you use Scan to OneDrive, you will need to click a link in an email sent by PaperCut to your Taylor email to authorize PaperCut access to your OneDrive account.