How do I add the CampusSecurePrint virtual print queue to a computer?

Adding the CampusSecurePrint virtual print queue to a Mac

The best practice with the virtual queue is to setup it up as the most complex machine a print job can be released to.  If the end user releases a job at the printer that does not support a particular feature then that option is going to be ignored.  (ie, if you print with the staple option select, but the printer where the job is released doesn’t have a finisher, then it won’t do stapling)
  1. The default Konica Minolta printer model is C659 with FS-536 as the finisher (for stapling)
  2. Confirm the current macOS installed on the computer 
    • Click on the Apple in the upper right corner of your screen > choose About This Mac. The macOS name and version number will be listed
  3. Go to the Konica Minolta website: (
  4. Go to Quick Search and enter the printer model number C659
  5. From the printer driver download menu, select the current macOS of the computer
  6. The driver file will be downloaded to the computer
  7. Click the downloaded file to install the driver 
    • The file may show on the desktop or go to Finder > Downloads to locate the file
  8. Follow the prompts to complete the installation 
  9. Go to System Preferences and select Printers and Scanners
  10. Click the +sign (lower left corner) to add the virtual queue as the printer – PRINTSRV20-CAMPUSSECUREPRINT
  11. Go to Choose Driver and click on Select Software
  12. Select the KONICA MINOLTA C659 PS printer driver 
  13. Click Add (lower right corner)
  14. To add the Finisher/Staple option:
    • Select the PRINTSRV20-CAMPUSSECUREPRINT from the list of printers 
    • Click on Options & Supplies
    • Go to the Finisher TAB 
    • Go to Finisher field and click on the down arrow
    • Select FS-536
    • Click on OK
  15. Close the Printer&Scanner window to complete the set up

Adding the CampusSecurePrint virtual print queue to a Windows Computer
CampusSecurePrint is a virtual queue that allows you to submit a print job, which is held in the queue, until you login and release it at any of the Konica Minolta printer on campus.
  1. Enter \\print in the search field, located on the lower left side of the screen 
  2. From the list of printers, select CampusSecurePrint 
  3. Double click on the file to install CampusSecurePrint to your computer
  4. To set CampusSecurePrint as the default printer
    • Go to the Control Panel
    • Select Devices and Printers
    • Right click on CampusSecurePrint
    • Select Set as default printer 
Printing from CampusSecurePrint
  1. When you’re ready to print, select CampusSecurePrint if it’s not the default printer
  2. Click on Print
  3. From the print screen, click on Printer Preferences to select features like stapling or hole-punching.  
  4. If the printer used to release your job does not support a particular feature, it will be ignored
  5. When prompted, enter the departmental account number used for printing
  6. After the print job has been submitted, a message will appear saying the print job was successfully submitted
  7. Go to the Konica Minolta printer where you want to release the job.
  8. Login using your PaperCut ID 
  9. After logging into the printer, you’ll see a list of jobs waiting to be released
  10. From the release screen you can: 
    • Select to print of all of the jobs in the queue
    • Select specific jobs in the queue
    • Select a job you no longer want and delete it
    • Select to print in greyscale or 2-sided
  11. Once the selection has been made click on Print
  12. The job(s) will start to print
  13. Log out of the printer when you’re finished

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