How do I troubleshoot my network connection on MacOS?

General Troubleshooting Tips
If you are unable to access the Internet on Taylor’s campus, you should follow the following steps to find several common sources of problems.

1. Make sure that you are connected to the network (either wireless or wired). If you have not connected, you will need to connect to Taylor University WiFi (employees and Students), Taylor Guest (visitors and guests) or plug in an Ethernet cable.

2. If you are connected but unable to access services on the internet, you should ensure that your device is registered. To do so, follow the instructions in the Network Registration Settings section below.

3. If this does not solve the issue, check your connection settings, as described in the DHCP, DNS, and Proxy Settings section.

4. If your device is properly registered and you have confirmed that all of your network settings are correct, please contact IT Support for further assistance.

DHCP, DNS, and Proxy Settings
1. Open the System Preferences app. If the app is not on your dock, you can click on the search button in the top right of the screen and search for System Preferences.

2. Select Network, then click the Advanced button.

3. Under TCP/IP, ensure that Configure IPv4 is set to Using DHCP.

4. Under DNS, ensure that the only addresses listed under DNS Servers are the default (greyed-out) ones. They should all begin with the numbers 10.2. If there are any others, select those options and click the minus button at the bottom to remove them.

5. Under Proxies, ensure that none of the boxes in Select a protocol to configure are selected.

Network Registration Settings
When you first connect to Taylor’s network, your computer may automatically bring up the registration login page. If this does not occur, you may access it by going to in a browser.

If you want to check whether your device is currently registered, you may also use the same link shown above. The page will show a message above the login fields showing if and to whom the device is registered.

If you need to unregister your device, you must contact the IT Help Desk for assistance (765-998-4040 or

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