How do I release a print job sent to CampusSecurePrint on a Konica MFP?

If you have submitted a print job to the CampusSecurePrint queue or wish to make copies or scan a document at a Konica MFP, then...

  1. Walk up to a Konica MFP available to you. 

  2. Swipe your Taylor University ID Card (or Log In with your PaperCut ID).
    * If you do not remember your PaperCut ID, you can log into while on the campus network and you will see a section called CARD/ID. Click the [show] button, and it will reveal the ID# you need to release your print job or to access the copier or scanner on the device.

  3. Select Print Release.

  4. If prompted, select or type an account to print from.

  5. Select the documents you would like to Print.
    * Any documents you do not print will be deleted 24 hours after they were submitted to CampusSecurePrint.

  6. If desired, change to 2-sided printing or greyscale at the bottom of the screen (The MFPs default to full color and single sided printing)

  7. Click the exit button at the top right of the screen when ready to log out. You will be logged out automatically after 30 seconds of inactivity.