Information about the campus internet connection

Taylor University has two internet connections for the Upland campus. These links come from different directions and connect at separate campus buildings.
  • Our primary link is 10Gb symmetric fiberoptic, provided by I-Light (
  • Our backup link is 1Gb cable, provided by Comcast Business.

In the event of an outage on our primary link, the backup will allow the campus to stay connected and online. Access from off-campus to some on-campus services may be impacted.

To speed up downloads, we employ two different methods of caching internet content.
  • I-Light maintains caches for Netflix, Google (including Youtube), Akamai, and has direct peering to Internet2, a high-speed link between research, academia, industry, and government networks (
  • Taylor University maintains a separate on-campus cache for Apple, Microsoft, and several gaming platforms. We have worked with open source developers on this caching tool, called LANcache. You can find out more at (link works on-campus only).
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