Where can I print or make copies as a student?

Students have multiple options for printing and copying on the Taylor University campus.

  • Students may bring their own printers to the residence halls and apartments. IT discourages the use of wireless printers as they can cause interference with other wireless devices. If you have a wireless printer, we encourage you to disable its wireless features. Please refer to the manual that came with your printer for guidance on how to do this.
  • Many departmental computer labs on campus provide printing to students in that major.  
  • All incoming students have funds added to their PaperCut account for public student printers. They can add additional funds by logging into http://print.taylor.edu and selecting "Add Credit" from the menu.
  • The Zondervan Library has two color multifunction devices that provide printing, copying, scanning via the Zondervan Computer Lab or Web Print.
  • Student laptops and mobile devices on the university wireless network can log into http://print.taylor.edu to access Web Print to send a print job to student accessible printers currently in Eichling Aquatics Wing (CampusSecurePrint), Reade Center (CampusSecurePrint), Zondervan Computer Lab (CampusSecurePrint), Zondervan Galleria (CampusSecurePrint), Euler 131 (EU131C), and the Metcalf Art (MacLab2C). We are planning to add more student printing locations over time to the new CampusSecurePrint.
  • Custom printing like photos, posters, and unique sizes is available at the Taylor University Campus Store.

CampusSecurePrint connects to the Zondervan Galleria MFP and the Zondervan Computer Lab MFP. You can submit your print job to this queue and can then walk up to either of these printers to release your print job. At the printer you enter your PaperCut ID* to access the printer, copier, or scanner. You will be shown a list of print jobs you have submitted and can select which you would like printed at that location or you can choose to make copies or scan documents. Over time, IT plans to expand this release printing to other printers around the campus to provide you more locations to access your print outs securely.

Benefits include...
  • A centralized and secure print queue in Web Print and on the Zondervan computers for you to select.
  • A multifunction printer, copier, and scanner that is available to students 24 hours, 7 days a week in Zondervan Galleria.
  • Your print outs remain on the device and private until you release them.
  • Unprinted documents are deleted 24 hours after being submitted at no cost to you. 
  • No risk of someone walking away with your printout by accident.
  • Savings for the university in reduced paper and ink waste from unnecessary and unclaimed prints.

* If you do not remember your PaperCut ID, you can log into http://print.taylor.edu while on the campus network and you will see a section called CARD/ID. Click the [show] and it will reveal your ID# you need to release your print job or to access the copier or scanner on the device.


The university has updated the cost per print and copy on campus to reflect current material and maintenance costs. These prices will be in effect for the 2020/21 school year and will be reviewed again in summer 2021. Scanning is free on all devices that support that feature. 

Black & White: | $0.05 for single-sided | $0.08 for double-sided
Color: | $0.25 for single-sided | $0.40 for double-sided

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