I don't know what CSE accounts are and who manages them

The Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) Academic Department maintains separate computing environment from the campus network. Although the CSE Department uses the same Network infrastructure as the campus network, it maintains separate servers with usernames and passwords that are independent from the University's core network of services. The primary purpose of the CSE Network is to serve the academic and specific departmental needs of the academic programs of the CSE Department. The CSE Network also serves specific academic needs of other departments on campus, generally within the Science Division, upon request of the faculty members. 
Student accounts on the CSE Network are automatically created, generally within the first two weeks of each semester, for students enrolled in a Computer Science (COS) or Systems Curriculum (SYS) course, or in any other course for which a faculty member has requested accounts (including some math, physics, chemistry, and other courses). Students are notified of the creation of their CSE accounts via email that is automatically forwarded to their Taylor campus email address. The accounts remain active for the semester, and in some cases one or two additional semesters for COS and SYS courses, depending on the course level, according to a predetermined schedule. Following this period, or after enrollment at Taylor ceases, students are notified that their accounts have been flagged for expiration. They are provided a brief opportunity to request an account extension. Otherwise, their accounts will be archived and removed from the CSE systems.
As a part of Taylor University, all usage of the CSE Network must be conducted within the policies established for computing at Taylor University. Additionally, some CSE facilities and software might be further restricted from other campus facilities by licensing restrictions. Any non-CSE and non-academic use of CSE facilities must be in accordance with these restrictions. Contact the CSE Computer Resource Manager for further information.
As facilities permit, the CSE Department has also provided extended account privileges to Computer Science alumni and alumni with related majors. Alumni CSE accounts expire at least once per semester, after which alumni are required to re-register for an account extension.
These privileges might be discontinued at any time, if deemed necessary for security, limited facility, or other reasons. To date, the Department has deemed the alumni accounts to be a valuable means of staying in touch with its graduates.
Other individuals, including students who are not enrolled in CSE-related courses, faculty, staff, etc. who wish to request a CSE account are encouraged to contact the Computer Resource Manager of the CSE Department. Accounts are generally restricted to academic and research use. CSE Network facilities are not intended to compete with University-wide computing facilities. Individuals outside the CSE Department are encouraged to address their computer needs through Information Technology. 
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