How do I access the Taylor Guest wireless network as a guest?

Taylor University requires all devices to register with the network in order to use online resources. There are several wireless networks. Guests and other users without a Taylor account should connect to Taylor Guest.

1. First, connect your device to the Taylor Guest wireless network. Your device may automatically bring up a login page. If not, open a web browser (such as Google Chrome or Safari) and navigate to You will automatically be redirected to the following registration page where you can choose between signing in with email, Facebook, or LinkedIn

2. After choosing an option you will be prompted to accept the Acceptable Use Policy

3. If you selected the Facebook or LinkedIn login, you will then be directed to their site to login with your account. If you selected the email login, you will be asked for your email address.

4. Email activation requires users to take an additional step to confirm their access - clicking the link shown below in the email that is sent to the entered email. Failure to do so will result in the device returning to registration after 15 minutes and losing network access.

Important: If you selected email login, you must click the link in the email using the device you are trying to register.  The link will only work from a device that is on Taylor's Network.

You have now completed the registration for Taylor’s guest network. Your registration will last for 3 days.